Our highlights from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Last month we were proud to exhibit at Clerkenwell Design Week.  This was our debut at this event and also our first ever exhibition – so we were fascinated to see the kind of response we’d get. 

Our exhibit showcased everything that we love – fine cabinet making, interesting materials, and a recognisably West&Reid, mid-century inspired design. The kitchen featured a combination of veneered wall units and furniture linoleum doors, along with a colourful terrazzo worktop. We lipped and veneered the wall units with brown oak – from trees felled right here in London 35 years ago, and sliced into veneers by Reliance Veneer in Stamford Hill.

clerkenwell west and reid kitchen

Brown oak is a beautiful and unusual timber – the result of a fungus attack (fistulina hepatica) in English Oak trees. This rare fungus gives the oak timber its rich and distinctive colour, and brings out the medullary rays of the wood. We thought it matched perfectly with the pale pink furniture linoleum – one of our favourite materials right now thanks to its durability and eco-friendliness - and a stunning terrazzo worktop from Diespeker.


The kitchen was full of the sort of detailing we love – with bookmatched veneers, solid lipped doors and drawer fronts, dovetailed drawer boxes, funky cutlery inserts and CNC machined internal drawer patterns.

west and reid drawers kitchens

It was also important to us to showcase other local talent, with Peckham bladesmiths Blenheim Forge, Elliott Ceramics, a designer and potter based in London, and Hampson Woods, who craft handmade British wares, all featuring in our exhibit. 


When it all came together, we were thrilled with the result, but were curious as to what the reception would be. To our delight, it was universally positive! It was great to be there and to get such good feedback, especially from others in the industry. If you managed to make it to the event, or were one of the other exhibitors who we chatted to, we’d like to say a huge thank you!


If you don't know about Clerkenwell Design Week, it’s one of Britain’s leading design festivals, featuring installations from around 200 different brands in the field of design. The annual, 3-day event is hosted in London’s historic Clerkenwell, home to printmakers, clock-makers and jewellers for decades. Representing the area’s dynamic energy and diversity, CDW has become a show like no other – championing the local community and design brands. We loved being a part of it and can’t wait to get involved again next year!