Arodene, Brixton

This kitchen incorporates a number of our favourite styles: dark, spray painted doors in Farrow and Ball Railings are complemented by cherry-veneered end-panels and plinths, opposite which are runs with cherry-veneered drawer fronts with scoop handles. Three metre long cherry shelves float above the long run, while the scoop handles in the tall units are backed with cherry to break up the slab of dark blue. The island features the plywood framed cupboard that we also built in the Dalkeith Road kitchen. Inside, the island unit is arranged like a Rubik's cube, with cupboards varying in depth to accommodate a pull out bin unit on one end, and shelving unit on the other. As is always the case in our kitchen design, the grain of the cherry runs seamlessly across the drawer fronts. 

veneered birch plywood, modern kitchen design, london
floating shelves, birch doors, cupboards, stylish kitchen design, london